The Idea. Haus Anna.

Apartments. In Graz.


Providing hospitality and being with people has always been a source of enjoyment for me. This led to the idea of creating an apartment house.

In 2002 my dreams started to take form with the construction of Haus Anna. Till my retirement I operated a cabinet making business, and designed and made much of the furniture that you will find in the apartments.

Surrounding Haus Anna is a wonderful big garden which is appreciated by our guests, so much so, that it has often been referred to as “The Garden of Eden”. This is particularly pleasing to me, as it makes me happy when our guests feel comfortable.


Haus Anna. Unique.


When I can find the time, I enjoy cooking Austrian specialities which are prized by all. If you wish, I can accompany you on short walks, or Nordic Walking tours in the local area. It pleases me especially to welcome guests from all over the world.


I´m looking forward to your visit!

Anna Lammer



What came next. The plus energy house Haus Daniela.

With solar energy. Live consciously.


In 2016 my husband and I rebuilded my grandparents' old house. We wanted to connect living quality and climate awareness. This is how the plus-energy house Haus Daniela was created. With photovoltaics and solar systems, we can produce more energy from the sun than we need all year round. Rainwater is also collected in the cistern and used to flush toilets.

This means we can offer our guests living comfort with underfloor heating and living room ventilation and, with a clear conscience, contribute to climate protection!


With the creation of Haus Daniela, the new name “Apartments in the Garden” was born. Since Haus Anna and Haus Daniela are right next to each other, it made sense to perform together.


Special. In the Daniela house.


Large glass surfaces bring the garden into your apartment. The electric shading can be adjusted individually by our guests. This means everyone can let the sun in or out as requested.


See you soon in Haus Daniela!

Daniela Umhack


Anna Lammer und Daniela Umhack